BLM Face Mask

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Face Masks - for humans supporting the BLM movement.

$5 from every BLM mask will be donated to Bail out Fund

Thread 9 is happy to help protect owners from Covid-19 by offering face masks. 

  • Two options available:

    • Two layer (no filter): 1 Tightly woven cotton, 1 T-shirt cotton
    • Three layer (filter pocket): 1 Tightly woven cotton, 1 T-shirt cotton, 1 tightly woven cotton as filter pocket

Both options come with metal nose strips to create a tight seal. They are also tied with cotton ribbon to help with hair pulling and for easier sanitation. 

The color of filter pocket fabric cannot be customized, however, I will do my best to match the fabric with the supplies I have. 

Ear saver color is randomized.

1. Wash in washing machine, then dry on low heat.



Cloth masks are recommended by the CDC for protection of others, not yourself. They also do not have the same particle or quality standards that an N95 or surgical mask have. Please practice good mask hygeniene: covering nose and mouth, not touching the outside, one use each sanitation. Thank you for your compassion and your purchase. 


BLM Face Mask

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