About Thread 9

For many more years than I’d like to admit, there have been boxes in my parent’s house waiting for me to do something with. Some of these boxes had old clothes from middle school and high school. Clothes that are no longer in style, have some wear and tear, and some that are too ridiculous to be allowed in the world. (I found a tank-top with the words “your ugly, i’m busy, have a nice day” on it. Bad grammar, punctuation, and rudeness all in one neat orange package. It still had the tags on it, so at least I never wore it.)
Even if you know very little about me, you probably know I have 4 dogs. Three Pomeranians and one very loud and adorable American Eskimo. They are pretty much my whole world. They have their own clothing closet because in our house, dressing up is fun! Even the new babies we adopted in March, who probably slept in crates in a barn, LOVE putting on harnesses and clothing. So, sprung forth my idea - what if I take all those old clothes and make new harnesses, dresses, and shirts for my pups? What if I make them for other pups?
Well, guess what, I am doing just that. Less clothing for landfills and more fun for dogs! Tired of boring old harness with itchy straps or rough edges? Why not get one with soft knit and fleece? One that no longer is trying to be rude to the reader, and now is a pretty orange harness with tulle and bows. Each piece is handcrafted and unique. There will hardly ever be two pieces that are the same. In addition to upcycled clothing, I am trying hard to make use of fabric remnants as well - same goal is to reduce and reuse!