How to Measure Your Dog

In order to find the perfect fit for your pup, you need to know 3 key sizes: Circumference of your dogs NECK & CHEST GIRTH and the length from BASE OF NECK TO BASE OF TAIL. With these three sizes (in inches) you can easily find and order the correct size for your pup. 
1. Use a soft measuring tape if possible. If none is available, use a NON-STRETCHY string then mark where the end meets the rest of the string when measuring. Then measuring on a straight ruler from the end of the string to your mark.
2. When measuring, make sure it is not too tight. You should be able to stick a finger under the tape or string.
3. If your pup is between sizes, size up!
4. If your pup has larger size number in one measurement (ie: the neck would fit a small, but girth shows medium), use the larger size
5. If you cannot decide on a size, just send me your pup's measurements and I will help you chose. 
Be Aware
Due to the various nature of all my patterns, a medium in one type (a dress) will not necessarily be a medium in another type (harness, etc). Please always measure your dog and select the size that fits the style of clothing or accessory your are purchasing. 
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