Dreaming of Bones Paw Stocking

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When hanging stockings above your fireplace this year, don't forget about your pet! These adorable paw shaped stockings are will complete any holiday decor. Customize your stocking with your pet's name. Simply type in the name into the "Personalization Box". Choose your style tag - Light wood, Dark wood, Large Dark Wood (best for long names).

* Cotton
* Vinyl
* Fleece
* Wood

Size: THESE ARE SMALL - If you want a larger one, please email me: melanie@mcstantondesign.com
* 10 inches tall by 5 inches wide

Most dog stockings online are WAY too big and take over the whole fireplace. These are small, but not tiny and look good with average size stockings.

Dreaming of Bones Paw Stocking

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